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Mouthy Wench

Tuesday, December 30th, 2003

Well, it didn’t take very long. Within three hours of conception, the SturdyWench was called a Mouthy Wench. Call me naive, but I think that breaks a record. And what, you may wonder, caused such a thing? What could possibly evoke such a response?

A simple difference of opinion… Sigh…. Having a different opinion sometimes can get one labeled. A discussion frequently begins with clear communication and then can start to follow a semi-predictable path; similar to that of a creek flowing in the spring. The stream beds are easily discernable early in the season but as rushes of snow melt come down the hillside, banks become a little less marked.

A counter part, often male in case that little detail matters, often begins the labeling process with pharses like, “YOU haven’t thought this through” , “YOU have limited experience in these matters”,” YOU can trust me on this”, “YOU should know this”, “YOU need to rethink this”, “YOU….etc., etc., etc.

Digressing, the pharses shorten, coming more quickly. “Normal people”, “Commonly held”, “Easily accepted”, “Known throughout”, etc. are para-communiques. Following this, a battle of will commences, manifested by the inevitable quiet. A stillness and silence ensues to project agreement; but in reality, a feigned patience and pacifying act. Like a trained professional wildlife observer, our counterpart is undisturbed and composed; watching; waiting.

Time passes as both participants evaluate each other and measure the seriousness of the moment. Proceed? Acquiesce?

A decision is made. Remaining focused on the original subject, additional and unwanted, by guess who?, information is brought into the discussion by the SturdyWench. Still quiet, diligently determined not to continue in this “nonsense”, our counterpart voices his true feelings; the inspired statement to conclude our intercourse. “You’re a mouthy thing aren’t you”?

Yes, a Mouthy Wench.

Till later,
a SturdyWench

Conceiving Wench

Monday, December 29th, 2003

I conceived today. Mysterious and unexplainable as it is, we women often can tell the moment of conception. For months now I’ve thought about starting a blog or website, roamed computer stores wandering up and down seemingly endless aisles, met with geeks (their perferred title they said), read volumes, played with mice, and daydreamed.

Walking forward with anticipating abandon in one hand and dreaded doubt in the other, this woman continued searchingly; talking with others and listening.

Real women have problems. Real women have answers. Real women have insight and strength. Real women can figure things out. Real women are interested in the events of the world. Real women are being messed with by individuals and governments. Real women are facing real issues on both a small and global scale. Real situations need to be addressed by real women. And so, with the help of a friend, male I might add for those who were wondering, SturdyWench was conceived.

The following months will be busy ones roaming more computer stores, reading more computer books, meeting with more women from all walks of life, and playing with things like Cascading Style sheets, Moveabletype icons, templates, etc., all of which are foreign to this particular woman. Of course, there will be the inevitable “nesting urges”, cravings, and contractions that preceed a birth. And after all of this waddling and work?

A website and blog for women….no subject will be too difficult or touchy to discuss and/or conquer. All women (and brave men) will be welcome here to contemplate difficult situations and/or subjects. Stereotypes, while often fun and there will be links and directories for this kind of entertainment , are not part of this forum. This is not a male bashing site nor a bitter site. This site is for real solutions to personal and political plights. We will learn together and change the world together.

From politcal folly to religious celebration, from domestic violence to masturbation, from prize winning cookies to delivering calves in snow, this site is for all of us. I look forward to sharing with you and hearing from you.
Till later,

A sturdy wench.