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Of Wenches’ and March Magical Musings

Friday, March 16th, 2007

Contemplating upon magical thinking. The link below describes musing well.

How much time and effort do we invest in such mental exertion? Isn’’t it easier allowing media clips or talk show hosts to extemporaneously clarify world events; filtered through another’s personal, financial, or political bias? After all, they’re so loud. They’re so popular, pretty, and polished. They’re so confident in conviction. And they repeat everything so many times….on so many channels….on so many stations….in so many newspaper articles or editorials and blogs.

To accept these as truth is magical thinking.

According to Wikipedia’’s submissions regarding magical thinking, they state that it depends on two laws: the law of similarity and the law of contagion. In the first, an effect resembles its cause and in the second, things which were once in physical contact maintain a connection even after physical contact has been broken.

For the Sturdywench, coincidences, correlations, contingencies, nor coercion will convince. Conclusions are not to be based on the convenient. Context is critical as is complete and concrete data.

Let us do the work and not merely massage ideas we want to be true with info bits from sources we no longer question. Let the folks who like attention, feed off of each other for ideas, or get paid for ratings and easy controversy do this. The Sturdywench does not need to condemn in order to not concur.

Happy March Musings to all you SturdyWenches,
The SturdyWench