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Clarifying “Wenches”

Monday, January 2nd, 2006

I have friends and family who find the term “wench”, much less “sturdywench”, distasteful. Some don’t want to talk with me anymore and some list the reasons why the term does not describe the person they have come to know. My response is ….why? and better yet,……so? “Don’t you care that people will get the wrong idea?” …no. “Don’t you care how people think about you?” .. ..well, for the most part, … “You want people to think you are a fat bartending whore?”….um, say what? …..and … what?

Sturdywenches are not concerned with stereotypes….sturdywenches get the job done. While others are worried about what foks assume and how folks view them, sturdywenches don’t. Preconceived ideas, prejudice, ingnorance, and presumption don’t get in the way. Sturdywenches get the job done. Call us what you want…visualize whatever…….we’ll get the job done.

While others are arguing over who gets paid for what, it is the sturdywench who is doing the job. Sturdywenches focus on the need, create a plan, execute, and get the job done. Sturdywenches do not care about who gets the credit or if anyone ever knows how the job got done. The fact that the job got done and the need was met is what matters. Sturdywenches are not attention seeking nor will they be dismayed or discouraged because of paltry and petty misconceptions. Dauntless, the sturdywench carries on.

Upon further discussion with these folks, often it is their own fears of an injured reputation or judgement they have placed upon others in their youth that lead them to this opinion. Conflict resolution can not happen when we don’t listen or see others for who they are and what they do but relate to a term or title instead. Sturdywenches don’t do that. Like the apple packer who gets paid for each packed box, each box reflects a job done; no character association, no political correctness, no stereotype, no hidden agenda.

I hope this clarifies a Sturdywench,