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Of Lions and Wenches

Saturday, February 14th, 2004

Recently a friend and I were talking about politics and the discussion ended as we exited the trail with a rather unexpected emotional climax. Responding to our subject of the moment, “No Child Left Behind”, my friend stated, “Well, if I were president, I’d make sure no lion was left behind”. Knowing my friend has a huge distaste for Christian ideology, it was pretty easy to figure out what the meaning behind this statement was. I asked for clarification… lions would be hungry. Now, my dilemma…… how to react?

Starting with a rather dramatic motion, placing my hand upon my chin to actually and physically shut the dropped-in-surprise jaw, I stopped dead in my tracks. Did those words really get uttered? Sensing the shocked response, my friend back-peddled and said is was just a joke………

Being shocked, disgusted, frightened, or appalled does not mean we SturdyWenches are intimidated. There are often times when I’ll read something on the web or in a newspaper that will send me stomping down the hall grinding my teeth and breaking out in a sweat. Some things just make one sit and tremble. These reactions are to be expected when one exposes oneself to information and opinions that are different from one’s assumed own. I urge us all to subject ourselves to stuff we don’t relish. If we only allow ourselves to be exposed to things we already agree with, safe and comfy stuff, will we get the most accurate information? There is often truth in distateful or disagreeable displays. Let us desire to be wise.

Take a deep breath and listen to the “other” side. I’m grateful to my friend and cherish my friend’s willingness to be honest and direct. There were reasons for the disparaging comment which had some merit. Oh, and while we’re exposing ourselves to the discourteous and discovering new things to discern…..let’s get a big DICTIONARY and be devoted to development.

Till later